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Tips for Doing Mobile Well (and a Little Classic TV)
Ahhh, mobile. I was trying to think this morning what that vanilla response reminded me of. And then it hit me! (And reminded me of my age, particularly on my birthday.) The wonderful old TV show M*A*S*H. Hawkeye is trying to
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A Top Publisher Takes NYT Digital Innovation Report to Heart
Susan Hassler, editor-in-chief of the excellent IEEE Spectrum Magazine, concluded the Editorial Best Practices & Workflow track at last week’s SIIA Regional Training Series with a familiar refrain: use the actionable New York Times Digital Innovation Report. Her favorite line from
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Regional Training Day Shows People the Money and More
How do I monetize thee? Let me count the ways. That was one theme from yesterday’s filled-to-the-brim, information-overloaded Regional Training Series: Edit, Pricing, Sales staged superbly by SIIA staff in Manhattan. The depth and breadth of the various models and
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Testing, Renewals, New Revenue, Data. And That’s Just One BIMS Time Slot.
I have a problem to work out for 10:30 a.m., Tuesday, Nov. 11. What breakout session do I attend at the Business Information & Media Summit in Miami Beach? This is a problem that everyone in the industry should have.
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Usage Data Leads Two Companies Down Profitable Path
Have you looked at your analytics and data today? I just read about Airbnb’s turning point in an article on the site First Round Review—and it reminded me of something from Molly Lindblom’s and David Foster’s recent session at SIPA
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