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Tips to Keep Subscribers Renewed and Feeling Special
“I think as we’re struggling to connect in this world of digital, the tendency is to flail and do a lot of one-offs and I’ve found it’s very successful to create frameworks where we can explore an ongoing relationship.” You
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SIIA Previews: Showcasing Innovative Companies Transforming the Information Industry
SIIA will be holding their 10th annual Previews at the Business Information & Media Summit (BIMS) November 10-12 in Miami, Florida. SIIA Previews seeks the most innovative companies who are currently transforming the information industry. Selected companies are given the
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Bailey Set to Dispense Analytics and Social Media Wisdom at BIMS
“I was recently interviewed for a webcast/podcast by one of these young guys in a new company,” Matt Bailey told me on the phone last week. “So I went through one of my training modules for him. It went well.
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The Value in Creating a Data-centric Culture
Finding out what the customer wants has officially become the new standard. It reached the comic strip Dilbert over the weekend. “I think we need to be more customer-centric,” Dilbert tells the big boss. “You mean raise our prices?” “I mean
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7 Proven Sales and Lead Generation Ideas From Members
“We’ve gone from being a direct mail company to a sales organization and now have 50 people in sales,” said Dan Oswald, CEO of BLR, at the recent SIPA Conference. “Feeding that beast is a big job. [You don’t realize] how
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